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dyeing clothes black

​​Dyeing clothes black is the best choice for covering any faded or stained garment. While food stains and other types of stains can be covered by dyeing your clothes almost any dark color, black is the best choice for covering bleach stains. We use the finest quality reactive dyes available to achieve the blackest black possible. Reactive dyes form a covalent bond between the dye molecule and the fiber molecule resulting in a jet black garment that won't fade or bleed. It's simply not possible to make your garment any blacker or more permanent. Your newly dyed garment will be extremely colorfast, which means the color will not run or bleed. Your black clothes can be washed and cared for as usual.

To learn more about dyeing clothes black, including prices and turn around time, please read our clothes dyeing service page. Want to see some garments we've dyed black? Check out our before and after pictures.

Dyeing clothes black         

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